About Granite

About Granite

Granite is the name given to a group of rocks that originated in the Earth’s magma. As the hot liquid material emerges and cools, it forms a crystalline structure, granule called Granite. Granite is made of hard materials such as feldspar, quartzite, which merge into a very hard rock ideal for kitchen tops (their luster and acid-resistant trash vinegar, citrus juice, and scratch).

You can find over 30 models of granite in our warehouse, such as: Gold Granite, Green Granite, Yellow Vicenza Granite, Brown Baltic Granite, Green Maritaca, White Granite, Kashmir Granite, Multicolor silk Granite, Blue Granite, Orissa White Granite, Imperial Granite, Yellow Kashmir Granite, Brown Tan Granite, Green Kerala Granite, Classic Paradise Granite, Golden Desert Granite, Oriental Gray Granite White Star Granite, Green Balmoral Granite, Absolute Black Granite, Black Galaxy Granite, Bahia Verde Granite, Red Storm Granite, Blue Sapphire Granite, Juparana Colombo Granite, Verde Butterfly Granite, Blue Pearl Granite, Juparana Indiana Granite, Rosa Porino Granite, Rosa Beta Granite, Blue Lavender Granite, Cecilia Granite Red Imperial Granite, Imperial Red Granite, Marble Red Granite, Lady Dream & Red Multicolor Granite.

Granite is a massive magma rock, with coarse grain size crystals. It was formed down big depths and contains mainly quartz, feldspar and dark minerals like mica.

The granite type’s appearances are very different, the mineral crystals in their mass are easy to spot as they can measure a few millimetres long.

The colors variety is very large granite from light gray to blue, red, yellow, but some colors like red or black are used more often. Since the ancient times, red granite with all its nuances has been widely used in interior and exterior. Timeless, this color is used increasingly more often in contemporary architecture.

With medium-high toughness and low water absorption, natural granite is best suited for successful use in any type of cladding: interior, exterior, horizontal or vertical, and to achieve decorative objects: tops, small furniture, fireplaces facades, monuments, etc.

Granite is highly resistant to traffic and stressful weather conditions.



Granite is one of the most valuable construction rocks. Due to its composition of hard materials such as feldspar, quartz, mica, which merges into a very hard rock, granite is ideal for kitchen worktops, being resistant to acids trash such as vinegar, citrus juice and it is tough enough to resist scratching. Also, the contact with kitchen ware or hot liquids will not affect granite.

In addition, granite allows underfloor heating, requiring low cost.

Becouse of its uniformity, hardness, different sizes, colors varied and elegance, granite is highly recommended for use on large surfaces, both inside and especially outside.

It can also be used to sockets for relaxation, cubic stone-paved roads, paths, pavements, etc.

Availability: Slabs, Plywood and Cubical Stone



Large quantities can be supplied in short notice, so we are able to adapt to both medium and large works.

In addition, we can deliver a wide range of colors and shades, with a maximum size of 300 x 200 cm.

Uniformity of material:


Granite has a uniform structure, which makes it particularly suitable for cladding, especially where you want a simple, but very elegant look.

General technical features:

  • Apparent density: 2.5 – 2.8 t / m3
  • Water absorption: 0.01 – 1.00%
  • Compression strength: 911 – 3011 kg / cm2
  • Compressive strength after 25 freeze-thaw cycles: 1400-2600 kg / cm2
  • Frost resistance: 0.04 – 7%


  • polished
  • molding
  • scapitat
  • roughened
  • fiamat
  • lether finish

Easy to assemble:


Both adhesives based assembly, and screed mounting can be used.

Workmanship and installation advantages include: the possibility of polishing the edges, carrying out one piece countertops, window sills, which means less use of sealants and joints.